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Engine oil is extremely important for the proper functioning of a car's engine. It acts as a lubricant for the engine's moving parts, reducing friction and wear between them. This is essential because, without proper lubrication, the engine can quickly overheat and seize up, resulting in serious damage that can be expensive to repair.

In addition to lubrication, engine oil also helps to clean the engine by removing dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. It also helps to prevent corrosion and rust from developing within the engine.

Engine oil also plays a role in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. It accomplishes this by reducing the amount of energy lost to friction and by keeping the engine's internal components clean and operating efficiently.

Overall, engine oil is crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your car's engine. It is important to use the correct type of oil and to change it regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer, to ensure that your engine continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. Here at Shift Car Studio we will guide you which engine oil is best suitable for your car's engine.


Model   Grade SAE Gasoline Diesel Oil Type Recommended Brand
Millage all-season    
  +25 to -25 °C    
2017-2023 0km to 100,000km


SN/SP or latest CJ-4 Fully Synthetic Petronas, Kixx, Mobil, Liquimoly or Equivalent.
100,000km to 200,000km 5W-30 SN/SP or latest   Fully Synthetic Petronas, Kixx, Mobil, Liquimoly or Equivalent.
200,000 to 300,000 10W-40 SN/SP or latest   Semi Synthetic Petronas, Kixx, Mobil, Liquimoly or Equivalent.
300,000 to infinite 20W-50 SN, SJ, SF   Mineral or Semi Synthetic Petronas, Kixx, Mobil, Liquimoly, ZIC or Equivalent.

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