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KIXX PAO 1 0W/40 4L

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Maximizes engine life
The wider temperature range capability of the synthetic base fluid ensures correct oil viscosity which reduces friction at startup, and provides maximum lubrification during high temperature operation. The effective anti-wear additive system minimizes
wear in even the most sophisticated valve train mechanisms, including
those with variable valve timing.Maximizes power and performance
Metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system ensures maximum power and performance by providing superior control of the ring belt and the piston skirt deposits, even under the most severe operating conditions. Special friction modifiers
assist in reducing friction resulting in maximum fuel economy.Low oil consumption
Synthetic, highly shear-stable formulation provides superior control of oil flow through the ring belt area by maintaining oil viscosity, and reduces oil evaporation at the elevated ring zone temperatures experienced under all operating conditions.Longer equipment life
Special anti-wear additive package reduces wear by protecting surfaces when load causes breakdown of the lubricant film.Lower impact emissions
Highly advanced additive technology delivers reduction in harmful exhaust emissions. This advanced technology performance, enhanced by low phosphorus and sulfur formulation (low SAPS) reduces ash formation and delivers a significant increase in DPF service life.
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